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Rent a vehicle from DIA and ensure that you have a properly equipped vehicle to get you safely to and from our properties.  The vehicles available on this site have been approved for use in getting to any of our properties in Idaho Springs, Colorado. 

In 2016, the building for our company was discovered as a little gem in the rough in Dumont Colorado. The name says it all, we pay to play so who is sponsoring us? We are! Offering the best in ATV and snowsports rentals. Hope to see all of you out there in the backcountry or better yet in our shop, now located in Empire, Colorado!

Since 1994, we have brewed quality Colorado craft beer at the gateway of the Rockies, in the historic mining town of Idaho Springs. The best ingredients, innovative recipes, and rock solid techniques guides our attitude and approach to brewing.
Look for us anywhere you find Colorado Craft beer or come see what we are brewing at the PUB. There is always something new and rare to mine.
Also, pet friendly to well-behaved dogs – and they even have their own pet menu!

Take a tour with a knowledgeable and entertaining guide. Discover wide, underground tunnels and see gold ore naturally in the rock. Learn about Colorado history. Hear the about the adventures of prospectors and miners. Explore mining equipment and the milling process of how to extract the gold out of the rock. Then learn how to PAN for GOLD!

Clear Creek offers some of Colorado’s most thrilling whitewater rafting. The whitewater professionals at Clear Creek Rafting Company will help all rafters from experienced paddlers to first time beginners find a stretch of Clear Creek suitable for your desired adventure level. With trips ranging from Class II to Class V, Clear Creek Rafting Company will help make a Colorado whitewater rafting trip the adventure highlight of your Colorado rafting vacation!  Whitewater rafting getaways and family rafting adventures on Clear Creek are our specialty.  Clear Creek is nestled in a historic mining valley where beautiful Colorado scenery complements your exciting whitewater adventure. On our more difficult trips the rapids come one right after another, but if you look carefully, you may spot muskrat, beaver, deer, bighorn sheep, or even an occasional bear or mountain lion! We are conveniently located near Denver and Breckenridge,


Welcome to Twin Pine Motorsports located in South Fork, Colorado -Southern Colorado’s most affordable equipment rental. Adjacent to the Rio Grande National Forest and the San Juan National Forest with over 255 miles of trails, our goal is to provide world-class ATV’s, UTV’s, and snowmobiles for rent or purchase to all outdoor enthusiasts. Twin Pine Motor Sports offers parts and maintenance service for all your motorsports adventures. Our rental fleet is professionally maintained so you can have hours or days of trouble-free enjoyment. If you need accessories, clothing, or trailers, we have plenty to outfit you for all your outdoor adventures

Mountain Skillz was founded in 2012 by Jesse and Matt Entz to share our passion for mountain snowmobiling with an emphasis on riding instruction, avalanche education, and all-around mountain safety. In 2017, Mountain Skillz expanded and began offering guided side-by-side adventures. We love sharing our backyard (San Juan Mountains) offering unique outdoor experiences year round!  As a family owned & run business, people are also our passion. We pride ourselves on the service that our customers receive. In the winter our girls (Elly and Ashley) help Jesse cook breakfast and dinner for clients who stay at our lodge. They also manage our retail store and homeschool during the day.  We’d like to say THANK YOU to everyone that we have met over the years through Mountain Skillz!

A real ghost town with lots to see. This location is only about 30 mins from Schinzel Flats Hideaway – worth the trip!  This ghost town is located in the San Juan mountains. The town sits at about 11,800 feet and was first mined about 1870. A stampede from Del Norte developed in the early 1870’s after a miner showed a piece of float gold in a local bar. By 1886 there were at least fourteen saloons operating in town. By 1893 the town was a ghost town. It did reopen for mining several times, 1907, 1930’s, and in 1948 two mills were still in operation. Finally a toxic spill, potassium cyanide,  in the early 1990’s Ended the mining. Now it is the site of a environmental cleanup.  It is open to the public from approximately middle of March through end of November. 

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