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Our Story

Hi! We’re Eric & Jeanine – founders of Unique Mountain Rentals. We met on a school night in our early 20s in downtown Orlando, Florida. We were both with groups of friends who abandoned us in search of refills for their pitchers. We’ve been together ever since…

As avid travelers, we never want to miss an opportunity to try a new or different experience. In fact, after spending nearly 15 years working in the vacation and travel industry, we decided that for our physical and mental well-beings, it was time for a change. After selling nearly everything we owned, we spent 5 years living the RV lifestyle and soaking up the North American scenery. In that time, we kept ending up back in Colorado, so we stopped fighting it and put down some roots. After buying an off-the-grid home and taking on some other properties, Unique Mountain Rentals was born.

We wanted to create the ultimate refuge. A collection of them, in fact. Something that is equal parts destination, education, escape, but ultimately, we felt that every adventure is about the whole experience, not just the “place”. We wanted to create experiences that enlighten, recharge, and re-creates the you that you may have lost touch with. Ones that ensure that your vacation never feels wasted. We’ve personally spent an immense amount of time in each of the properties, so we fully understand the experience our guests will have.

We’re familiar with not only the places themselves, but the entire area surrounding them. That hidden gem for breakfast. Where to find the perfect lunch with the perfect view. The trailheads leading to the path less traveled. Or the bucket list items you’ll want to check off before you check out.



Founder & Property Manager


Founder & Property Manager

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